~disclaimer~ This blog has been created by independent residents of Oregon who have participated in numerous OR adoptions and are familiar with current OR adoption law from first hand experience, both birth parents and adoptive parents. This group is OPPOSED to hb 2904. This group is not sponsored by any other group, third party organization, non profit, for profit, adoption or other such agency, and/or legally organized adoption related affiliation. We are just passionate citizens using our voice!

You are, of course, entitled to formulating your own opinions about hb 2904 and to then act accordingly.
Blog In Progress: soon to come:
~More suggestions on how to use your citizen voice.
~Where did this bill come from? and info behind the writing of HB2904.
~Why don't we like it? While the purpose of this blog is one of information, and not opinions, we feel that we should at least explain ourselves and our opposition to hb2904.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Current Status

There was an introductory 'work group' meeting earlier today with Rep Doherty and several stakeholders in adoption- the room was packed!
Much was discussed regarding the future of Oregon adoption law reform.

As for now...

The bill is dead for THIS legislative session, and most likely the next session.

The proposed amendment introducing a 10 day revocation period (in which birth mothers can change their minds about consent) into current law is dead, for THIS legislative session and most likely the next session.

What amendment? What did it say?

What happens next?
Do i need to stay involved and informed if I feel passionate about Oregon adoption law? YES

More details and answers to these questions soon to come.

Thank you to ALL- supporters and those in opposition of the bill, for making your voices heard to the representatives. EVERYONE'S VOICE COUNTS!