~disclaimer~ This blog has been created by independent residents of Oregon who have participated in numerous OR adoptions and are familiar with current OR adoption law from first hand experience, both birth parents and adoptive parents. This group is OPPOSED to hb 2904. This group is not sponsored by any other group, third party organization, non profit, for profit, adoption or other such agency, and/or legally organized adoption related affiliation. We are just passionate citizens using our voice!

You are, of course, entitled to formulating your own opinions about hb 2904 and to then act accordingly.
Blog In Progress: soon to come:
~More suggestions on how to use your citizen voice.
~Where did this bill come from? and info behind the writing of HB2904.
~Why don't we like it? While the purpose of this blog is one of information, and not opinions, we feel that we should at least explain ourselves and our opposition to hb2904.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Effective Communication

What messages are going to be effective in my communication with the Representatives?

~writing letters in the form of email AND post office are great ways to make contact. 
~phone calling is also very effective, but you might not be granted much time, so be sure to also send a written form of your opposition as well. 

·      Contact them as an individual and identify your interest/involvement in adoption in the state of Oregon.
Examples: “I am a birth mother and placed my child # years ago…” 
                  “I am a birth father and placed my child # years ago…” 
                  "I was adopted # years ago..." 
                  “I am an adoptive parent of ___ children…”
                  "I am the Grandparent of ___ adopted children..."
                  "My daughter/son placed her/his child for adoption..." (birth grandparent)
                  "My sister/brother/best friend/colleague/etc is a birth parent who placed a child
                           # years ago..."
                 “I am a concerned citizen…”
·      Husbands and wives contact your representative separately
Invite your friends and family to contact their Oregon Representatives and if they live out of state they can contact your Representatives 
and/or the committee Representatives that will vote on the bill. 
 The more individual voices that are heard, the better!
·      Share your personal story (be brief). If it is too long, it may not be read.
·      Keep it short, simple and to the point.
·      State your opposition.
·      Express why you are opposed to this bill.  If applicable, express specifically how will/would this bill have impacted you?
·      Combining letters from adoptive parents and birth parents who placed with them may be especially effective. Include pictures!
·      Of course, be respectful and kind.
·      Include your name, address and phone number. 

an example of a very basic script to get you started~ 

      Dear Representative ________,
     My name is ______ and I am 

     [a birth mother/father that placed for adoption __ years ago] 
     [an adoptive mom/dad of ___ child(ren)] 

     here in the state of Oregon. I want to voice my opposition to House Bill 2904. I believe that 

     [it takes away a birthparent’s right to make plans for the future of their child and it will have a negative impact on adoption here in Oregon.]
     [it doesn't provide the same respect of choice that the law provided me with when I placed my son/daughter for adoption.] 

    Thank you for your time concerning this matter that is very dear to my heart.  
    Sincerely, __________ address, phone