~disclaimer~ This blog has been created by independent residents of Oregon who have participated in numerous OR adoptions and are familiar with current OR adoption law from first hand experience, both birth parents and adoptive parents. This group is OPPOSED to hb 2904. This group is not sponsored by any other group, third party organization, non profit, for profit, adoption or other such agency, and/or legally organized adoption related affiliation. We are just passionate citizens using our voice!

You are, of course, entitled to formulating your own opinions about hb 2904 and to then act accordingly.
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~More suggestions on how to use your citizen voice.
~Where did this bill come from? and info behind the writing of HB2904.
~Why don't we like it? While the purpose of this blog is one of information, and not opinions, we feel that we should at least explain ourselves and our opposition to hb2904.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The voices FOR hb2904. part 2

If you look at the top of the bill, it tells you who the 'supporters' are, the influences behind the creation and writing of this bill ...

Representative DOHERTY; Representative DEMBROW (at the request of Janette Barcenas, Ashley Peterson-Munoz, Leticia Munoz, Kiley Steward, Tamera Slack, Oregon Birth Mothers)

~Feel free to write Reps Doherty and Dembrow to inform them of your opposition.~ 
Oregon Birth Mothers
As birth mothers in Oregon, this struck as as particularly interesting when we first read the bill. So we searched for a group or organization that is called 'Oregon Birth Mothers'. We wanted to get in touch with them, to connect over our common bond, to learn more about their experiences, and to learn more about the creation of this bill. We looked for support groups, an adoption resource group, an unaffiliated group, any sort of structured organization that is called by or referred to as 'Oregon Birth Mothers'. We couldn't find any information about any such group. We consulted with Adoption Attorneys and the Oregon coalition for adoption to see if they knew of such a group, they haven't heard of any such organized infrastructure by this name either. 

Come to find out it's because...There Isn't One.

There is no formal or associated 'Oregon Birth Mothers'. 

This can only mean one thing- that a select few birth mothers who happen to currently reside in Oregon (or who placed for adoption when living in Oregon) decided that their singular voices together as a small group somehow represent ALL birthmothers in Oregon. 

They are wrong! We do not agree with this bill.  We are a small group of about 20 birthmothers; most of us placed our children for adoption here in Oregon, a few of us have moved here since. Our voice is being misrepresented by others claiming that they know our thoughts, feelings and experiences surrounding our adoptions. Our voice is being taken from us by insinuating that all 'Oregon Birth Mothers' are for this bill. 
If you are a birth mother in Oregon or a birth mother who placed in Oregon, make your voice heard! Do not let others speak for you! Contact the legislators and let them know who you are and how you feel about the bill! Future birthmothers need us to help protect their right to choose an adoption, if that is their desire for their child(ren). We need to protect our own right to freedom of speech, and speak for ourselves!